The order of presentation for the protection associated with the students` diploma work (draft)

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The order of presentation for the protection associated with the students` diploma work (draft)

The diploma work (draft) is submitted to your issuing division for the task of pre-defense.

The task of pre-defense associated with the diploma (task) is conducted at an open meeting associated with the division aided by the participation of pupils therefore the obligatory existence associated with systematic adviser and, if required, medical advisers. The pre-defense is formalized by the protocol for the conference of this division.

The finished work is regarded as by the medical supervisor

The finished diploma work (task), effectively passed the pre-defense and released in accordance with the established requirements, is finalized because of the pupil, systematic advisors, and is presented to your medical supervisor.

The supervisor writes an assessment when it comes to diploma (project). In case there is the diploma work (project) approval, the pinnacle shall signal it (him) and regarding his penned opinion regarding the admission into the protection represent your head regarding the department. In case of disapproval for the diploma (project), the manager will not sign it (him), but writes a written viewpoint, where he justifies their decision to not acknowledge the diploma (task) to your defense.

According to these materials, the pinnacle regarding the division takes the ultimate decision on this diploma work (task), making a corresponding entry on their title web page. In case your head regarding the department will not contemplate it, feasible to admit the pupil to your defense of this diploma work (the task), this problem is regarded as in the meeting associated with the department using the compulsory participation with this pupil and their manager. The minutes for the meeting are submitted for approval towards the rector regarding the college.

Report on systematic work is a significant element

The diploma work (draft), presented by the issuing division to your protection, is sent for review.

The listings of reviewers are authorized by the purchase for the rector regarding the proposition of this mind for the graduating department through the amount of manufacturing professionals and medical companies. As reviewers may also attract teachers, associate professors and teachers of other degree organizations.

Reviewers should have a fundamental higher education and / or scientist or educational level, a scientist title matching into the profile associated with degree work (project).

The reviewer shall submit a written post on the diploma (project), that ought to mirror the relevance, novelty and practical need for the subject, the topic of the degree research profile of this training of a professional awarded an academic level and skills granted, the liberty for the research, the accessibility to conclusions and suggestions, the amount of resolution for the problem while the completeness associated with research. The review provides a reasoned summary with a sign regarding the score for the rating-rating page system together with possibility for awarding the correct educational level and certification.

Defense associated with the diploma for the student

The diploma (task) admitted by the manager towards the protection, but assessed by the reviewer when it comes to assessment of F - “unsatisfactory”, is protected on basic terms.

Diploma work (draft) by having a remark and review towards the State Attestation Commission for protection perhaps not later than one day time.

Protection for the diploma work (task) during the request associated with the pupil is conducted in Kazakh, Russian or English.

Protection associated with diploma work (task) can be executed utilizing electronic resources by means of multimedia presentations centered on modern tools and improvements in information and communication technologies.

The procedure for the protection for the diploma work (the task)

The task for the protection associated with the diploma work (draft) is decided by the Rules for conducting current tabs on scholastic performance, intermediate and final state official certification of students in training companies.

Protection regarding the diploma (project) is held at an open meeting associated with state attestation commission with at the least 50 % of its people participating. Protection associated with the diploma work (project) is arranged in a public kind, with all the existence of pupils, instructors regarding the graduating department. The manager, the representatives for the company, based on that the thesis along with other interested individuals were carried out, can be invited to your defense.

The timeframe of this protection https://eliteessaywriters.com/tag/smoking/ of one diploma work, being a guideline, must not go beyond thirty minutes per pupil.

To guard the diploma, the pupil provides a study before the state attestation commission and present no more than 15 mins. Anyone contained in the form of questions or speeches usually takes part in the discussion of this diploma (task).

After discussion, the secretary of this payment reads the reaction (in case there is existence, the manager can speak in person) and an evaluation. If you can find responses when you look at the review and / or review, the student should provide a reasoned explanation of the essence.

Based on the outcomes of the defense associated with diploma (project), an assessment is made of the rating-rating alphabetic system. This takes into consideration the degree of theoretical, systematic and practical training, the recall associated with the systematic adviser and evaluation associated with the reviewer.

The outcome of defense of this diploma work are formalized by the protocol associated with conference for the state attestation commission separately for every student and are also established at the time of this protection.


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